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SimplChat Specs and Configuration Options

End user interface specifications

1. Webcam and microphone automatic detection (best detection script)
2. Google Talk like emoticons
3. The name of the devices used for capturing audio/video are displayed
4. [change] buttons for changing the video/audio hardware input device used
5. On/Off controls for both received and sent audio/video streams.
6. Users list with identification icons: male,female,couple, admin,has camera,sends audio, blocked
7. Automatic "Who's watching me" display
8. Block users
9. [View profile] button
10. Rooms support with rooms list, join room and create room functions
11. Private (password protected) and public rooms support
12. Text chat formatting (bold,italic,underline,color,size)
13. URL highlighting (When you type in a URL it is underlined and colored in blue)
14. Private messages (send messages to only one user) in separate windows
15. Public messages (messages seen by all users in a room)
16. Bad words filter
17. Bad nicks filter
18. Time notification when banned ("You have x more minutes to wait.")
19. Unicode characters support for the text chat, user names, interface texts, etc... (AVChat thus supports all languages)
20. Video areas with automatic resolution detection and resize
21. One person can view 2, 3 or more video streams
22. Zoom in the video areas up to 7x using the mouse wheel
23. Zoom out the video areas up to 0.5 x using the mouse wheel
24. Drag and drop all user interface elements
25. Resize all user interface elements by dragging the red corners
26. Layout automatically adjusts with the size of the flash chat area
27. Cache buster for all the external config files
28. Error messages for connection issues with the FMS server
29. Ability to change background color (blue default)
30. Ability to specify background image and background image transparency
31. Tool tips (translatable) on most of the buttons
32. Buzz and Block buttons for buzzing/blocking persons
33. The interface text can be translated to any language using a .xml (text) file.
34. Supports secure audio/video/text chatting by using SSL certificates
35. Screen sharing support by using third party desktop software
36. external .xml rooms/users list
37. external .txt current number of logged in users list
38. Ability to record every audio/video stream from the users in a separate file
39. Ability to disable the gender option from the login screen
40. Ability to disable the kick,ban,view PM messages for the admins
41. Prevents a user from logging in 2 times from the same computer
42. Text chat mode only
43. Toggle links highlighting/censoring
44. Ban & Kick messages shown in the public text chat
45. Clicking on a user name in the public text chat adds that user name to the public text chat input box

Administrator interface specifications:

1. Kick users
2. Ban ip's (1 hour, 1 day, 1 week,etc...)
3. Full access to private rooms (no password required)
4. Option to be Visible or Invisible (can be disabled)
5. Enhanced users list with ip display
6. Enhanced rooms list with id display (for dropping users into certain rooms)

What you can configure in the external configuration files:

1. Interface texts (used to change the language)
2. Width and height of the flash chat area in the HTML page, background color
3. Text chat font size
4. Flash Media Server connection string
5. Bad words list ( .xml file)
6. Turn on/off bad words filter
7. Bad nicks list ( .xml file)
8. Video quality:resolution, fps, kfps, picture quality, bandwidth, sound quality, sound silence level ( .xml files)
9. User name and gender
10. Can the user name/gender be changed at the login screen, on/off.
11. Autos tart the users web cam/mic on/off
12. Automatically start viewing other all other web cams when logging in on/off
13. Minimum number of characters for usernames
14. Private messages allowed on/off
15. Url to the .xml file containing the video/audio quality settings
16. Should the text chat window contain timestamps
17. Disable the ability of users to create new rooms
18. Limit video time/day in seconds
19. Limit frames per second for incoming video
20. max number of web cams one can view at one time
21. Allow people to send audio and video
22. The id of the room to drop users into
23. Disable the [Create Room] button
24. Disable the [Join Room] button
25. Disable the couple gender
26. URL template for profile URL's
27. URL of the background image
28. Transparency level of the background image
29. How is the background image going to scale (no scale, fit, tile)
30. How many seconds the [Buzz] button will be disabled after using it once
31. Allow/disallow admins to log in as invisible, to kick,ban and view private PM's
32. Add permanent rooms (via the media server config file)
33. Number of previous chat lines a user will see when joining a room
34. Disable the gender option
35. How is the users list sorted (webcam on top, alphabetically)
36. URL of the script generating the users list file
37. Don't let the user login the chat (good for integrations)
38. Maximum chars in a line for the text chat (prevents spamming)
39. Censor links toggle

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